Android Peda


Let's Keep Android Delicious.

Android continues to be the most used mobile operating system in the world. Every year, each version of the famed OS is named after a popular dessert. It started in 2009 with Cupcake and is currently on Oreo. As per the trend, the next version name will begin with the letter 'P'. And after our hopes of getting an Android version dedicated to an Indian dessert being squashed before (Hello Kajukatli, Ladoo), we hope the good folks at Google love the idea of Android Peda!

Android Version History

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We would love to have this opportunity to make Android Truly Delicious & Truly Indian. And what better than to name the next Android version after one of the most loved sweets in the country. A Billion+ Indians would love to see Android 9.0 as Peda.

Android has a dominant smartphone market share in India. We also attract the highest number of app downloads on Android globally (with over 6 billion downloads in 2016 alone). It is a known fact that these numbers are still growing at a rapid pace and will continue to do so. Thus, India is amongst the top markets for Google across all verticals.


Google is known to choose popular sweet names and we have no doubt about the popularity of Peda, do we? So, let's get together and request Google to reciprocate the same love by naming the next version as Android Peda. We are sending a few Peda boxes to Google's Android team for them to really understand how delicious Peda really is! Meantime do share the Peda love with your friends.